Nature is my therapy.

Spring has arrived & I have been spending so much more time outside with my son, my dogs, and even by myself. I have always been a lover of nature, have always loved to be outside. Enoying the Earth that God made for us. This morning we went to the park in tow, and stayed […]

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So, I’m going through an old, old social media account, deleting a lot of posts I made. Just plain embarrassing! I mostly want to smack 22-23 year old self for acting so obnoxious. But I will say…. We had a lotta fun, me & my girlfriends. We worked our tails off during the work week, […]

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Proverbs 4:6-7

The mind. It is a very powerful, mysterious being. And the heart, just multiply powerful & mysterious. The say after time you can learn to control your mind. I wish I could control mine, that is something I am working on. However, I don’t think you could ever control your heart. You can not control […]

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I have this anxious feeling in my gut. I think it is from the suffocating, claustrophobic feeling I have had for a couple days now. It will just take a little time for those to subside. Accept reality. Some things are not always what they seem. And it’s hard to accept that, but I will. […]

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